Our Programming Services

Our programming, training, and consulting services rate:  $80 per hour


Block Amount

NinjaTrader, MetaTrader, Tradingview, and MultiCharts


Price Action, Support and Resistance, and Volume Profiles

INdicator MODIFICATIONS and conversions

Convert tools from one trading platform to another

Risk Management / Position Size TOOLS

Determine Risk / Reward Ratios and Trailing Stop Tools

AUTOMATED TRADING Strategy Development

Design, backtesting, and optimizing

Custom Indicator Development

Indicators are like a backbone of any trading approach, the information that they reveal with anywhere from simple to complex underlying formulas uncovers patterns and instances that can stimulate trade action. As veteran indicator developers for NinjaTrader, MetaTrader, Multicharts, and TradingView, we can offer diverse services like:

• Indicator concept and development

• Modification of existing indicators according to your requirements

• Replication of an indicator used in another platform

• Complete stability and functionality testing of an indicator

• Custom proprietary indicators to be used by yourself or for distribution purposes.

Quintalytics always welcomes your ideas to turn the innovative thinking into a powerful trading tool that will work for you. Our company offers consultation services to make sure what would approach would be best for your specific needs. We develop the most popular custom trading indicators.

Custom Automated Trading Strategy Development

Quintalytics builds custom automated trading strategy software for backtesting, optimizing and executing multi-asset trading strategies. We have developed proprietary algorithmic trading software for prop trading firms, hedge funds, and professional quants.

We develop using the full life cycle of algorithmic trading software development as well as backtesting, strategy development, live trading, and optimization. Our experienced team is ready and prepared up to help you. We offer a complete custom solution to develop automated trading strategies per your requirements. We have been working in the industry for 20 years so we are seasoned and reliable company.

Risk Management / Positional Size Management

Quintalytics has position size risk management software algorithms to assist you in determining risks and reward calculations for your positions. It can be applied to anything from a few positions to hundreds of positions. Traders want the capability to monitor and manage risk accurately while executing a trading strategy.

Trading Automation

Trading automation is what many traders are in search of if they are into trading. Manually analyzing many charts and executing a trading strategy can be difficult to do, it needs research and extensive experience in processing the market data.

Quintalytics pioneers the most forward-thinking trading technologies, and it provides you access to the trading markets with matchless reliability and scale. Software can developed to handle the speed demands of the live market electronic and automated trading.

Technical Analysis

Quintalytics offers trading tools to enhance the market research capabilities. Trading platforms like NinjaTrader have different features for global coverage across multiple assets, it includes stocks, CFDs, funds, bonds and forex. It’s an integrated trading and charting software system which is delivering from first to the last solution like from order entry to implementation with customized development options.

Our research and technical analysis tools allow a lot of customization and ease of use. The technical analysis will help you to realize market price action. Backtesting will assist you in testing trading strategies by using historical stock market data. Also, helps in making a trading plan and avoid making decisions based on emotions.

Modifying/Optimizing of Existing Indicator/Strategies

Quintalytics is fully determined to offer you the best services and trading software products. We have experienced programmers who can modify or enhance the existing indicators and strategies you already have. Our expert engineers can start from scratch to build an indicator or trading algorithm. You can get custom indicators and strategies by adding things like alerts and visual chart markers, also refine it according to the trading ideas you have. Our team is always available to help you in creating a version of an indicator which is fully adaptive to the market conditions.

Conversion of Indicators and Systems to Additional Platforms

We at Quintalytics can convert trading software indicators from platform to another, our experts can move MetaTrader and MultiCharts formulas to NinjaTrader, TradingView to MetaTrader and so on.

No matter if you already have built a trading strategy, but look to improve or convert it, you can utilize our services anytime. Also, we can convert your manual trading strategy to an automated strategy. Our coders can convert your ideas of indicators into reality. The experts working at Quintalytics can consult with you to improve your ideas, and recommend analysis tools and new filters.