Quintalytics Support Resistance TrendWave for TradingView

This indicator is a combination of a Support/Resistance, Trend, and Trailing Stop Loss indicator.

This indicator is suitable for use in all timeframes and markets.


The Color GREEN indicates an Established Bullish Trend.

The Color BLUE indicates the Possible Forming of a Bullish Trend.

The Color RED indicates an Established Bearish Trend.

The Color PURPLE indicates the Possible Forming of a Bearish Trend.

The Color YELLOW indicates that the market is Sideways a.k.a. Flat a.k.a. Choppy.

You have the option of COLORING the BAR to match the Current Trendwave color.


The indicator has two parameters: ‘LookBack Period’ and ‘Color Bar’.

The lower the ‘LookBack Period’, the more responsive to price action the indicator will be.